Preparation is everything. You will get a better score.

Our IELTS preparation courses are simple to use, are streamlined to the essentials, preparing you successfully for the test. Both the preparation course and the Mock Test are now FREE on YouTube.  If you have done the test before then the IELTS Preparation Courses  are suitable, if not then we suggest the Mock IELTS Test. Maybe you just want to do the writing section in which case choose our IELTS Writing Course . Or if you need a full Evaluation Service according to the IELTS score you need, you can send your writing or speaking to us for a complete report and feedback. 


Find out if you’re ready to take the IELTS in our trial test, get detailed feedback report.

Full written assessment and feedback by a qualified IELTS trainer
Test Booklet (you need to print)
Complete IELTS test taken from a past paper

IELTS Preparation Course

Complete comprehensive IELTS preparation course

Complete online training preparation videos with Becca using tried and tested methods
Covers all four sections of the test
Authentic materials from past papers

Speaking and Writing Evaluation Service

Full written feedback using the same assessment criteria as the examiners.

Online Speaking test €28

Live speaking test €40

Evaluation on writing tasks from €11
A full written report  on mock test €49

Uses band descriptors as in real exam
Corrections, suggestions and a score

Contact me for more information or simply send your test to me. 

Becca Founder and trainer at pass IELTS online

Here's who I am and what I do at Pass IELTS Online

Who am I?

I’m Becca, founder of and trainer at Pass IELTS Online. I'm based in Berlin and in Plymouth. I was born in Cambridge, England so I am a native speaker. 

I’m DELTA qualified, which is a post graduate diploma from Cambridge University in teaching English to adults. I used to teach English in companies and at the British Council in Berlin.

I've been preparing students for the IELTS since 2003 and I ran my own IELTS preparation school in Berlin for 13 years.  I’ve been helping candidates pass the IELTS for over 16 years now.

I really enjoy helping candidates like you get the score you need in the test. I like to understand why you need to do the test and what score you need; and then find a solution which suits your needs.

When my life changed in 2015 I decided I wanted to take my years of experience and training online to a more global audience. This suits me as I love to work nomadically. 

My courses

I wrote all my courses myself and all the lessons are a collection of everything I have learnt from teaching past students.

For example my students wanted concrete tips and ideas as to what to write in Task 1, so I have included all those things in the writing course. Everything you need to know about the other sections in the preparation course.

The course covers all four sections and is full of tips, strategies, ideas and practice using authentic materials. I also offer a Mock Test, which my students in Berlin and here on my website found really useful. Doing the test they could get an idea of the score they would get now. Additionally, I can give you feedback on your writing and speaking answers.

Examiners aren’t allowed to give scores for writing and speaking outside the test situation. If someone offers you scores then they probably aren’t an examiner. I will give you feedback in the form of smilies.  I use the band descriptors which examiners use when they assess your answers in the real IELTS.

My feedback is much more detailed than the score in the real test. I give you 8 smiles in total, 4 for each task and one for each of the assessment criteria on the band descriptors.  

How I will help you

I have helped so many students over the years. For example people emigrating to Canada or Australia, students wanting to study abroad or doctors and nurses who want to work part time in the UK.

None of them wanted to do the test and I understand that you don’t want to either. It can be really frustrating, and I know it is difficult to know where to turn for help. There is so much out there on the internet it is really confusing.

Sometimes my students had tried to study alone or online with free courses, but they found it frustrating and confusing. They ended up getting misleading and even incorrect advice and information. You can ask any of my former students and they will all say you should prepare and focus your preparations in one place.

Training with us will ensure:

You know what to expect

There'll be no surprises. With us you'll learn all about the test format, how long it takes, what to do and what the examiner is looking for.

You'll perform much better

If you know what you're doing your results will be better.

You'll feel more confident

which is essential for good results

Get a better score

Ultimately you will get a better score and save money on test fees.

At Pass IELTS Online you'll find everything you need to prepare for the test. From a trial or mock test to find out how much preparation you need to do; to detailed lessons and training videos. An assessment service which gives you detailed feedback on your writing and speaking.

Every lesson and practice simulates the real test closely, which makes the preparationeffective.

I have been helping people prepare for the IELTS for over 16 years and in my experience preparation is vital. You will save time and money when you prepare with us.

What our student are saying

  • review rating 5  I joined the class of Rebecca a few years ago in a lovely set up in Berlin. I can say that thanks to the tailor-made applications and exercises, the friendly environment and all the good tips and tricks she provided, I had no problem in passing an important test which was relevant for my career. Indeed, It was a short term commitment which helped me extensively in pursuing a master taught in English. I highly suggest her class and methodology to anyone willing to take English to the next level.

    thumb Martina Rotilio

    review rating 5  I passed the test thanks to Rebecca's class which was not only instructive but also very pleasant. Rebecca is indeed a good teacher and the small groups guarantee individual help and advice. Extremely helpful!

    thumb Petra Guericke
  • review rating 5  Thanks to Rebecca and the course I managed to reach my IELTS results easily - and even with a higher grade than expected. Rebecca is a very good teacher and the test preparation is individually made. I would recommend to everyone to do this course - it is so effective and made the whole test much easier for me... Many Thanks Rebecca!

    thumb Leonie Schmiese

    review rating 5  A few years ago, I had the great opportunity to join Rebecca's class. Four days of intense training to crack and win IELTS. As you may know, IELTS has nothing to do with your personal English skills and language literacy: it is all about processing tasks, it is all about knowing and applying the IELTS rules to gain high scores. So, stick to the rules and keep it simple!! Should you fail, don't be ashamed, even some native speakers and Professors for English Literature didn't pass. Join Rebecca's incredible class before you end up making the same mistake as I did. I had to learn it the hard way, sat a few IELTS in Germany and Australia and kept the British Council alive. But, thanks to Rebecca and her colleagues, to their exceptional way of teaching and support, I sat IELTS and won with 8.5 in 2015. As a dentist living in Australia and Germany for over 10 years, I needed to sit the exam. Rebecca's class was most helpful and highly organised, entertaining and fun. Unfortunately, I have to sit IELTS again because the English thinking part of our brains decomposes gradually and operates for only two years after sitting the test. It is ridiculous, however, be aware of the fact that your test certificate is valid for two years only! So, I am going to take a refresher course in a few months time. Knowing that Rebecca's classes helped me a few years ago, I am sure it will do the trick again.

    thumb Eyk Schiller
  • review rating 5  I did the Four day intensive course with IELTS-Berlin in preparation for the test that I take on 17/08/2013. I must say that preparing the test with Rebecca was definitely the decision that allowed me to maximize my chances to get the mark I needed ( academic 7 average, min 6 on each part). I considered the strength in the method designed by Rebecca to be her focus on targeting the particular needs that each participant has, all this done within a relaxing but learning by working atmosphere. She is an specialist in the IELTS and you can be confident that her feedback will allow you to prepare the exam later on your own time knowing that you are targeting those parts you need to work the most. But please notice, this intensive course will not teach you much more English than that you already know; instead it will guarantee that you can deliver the best you have the day of the exam.

    thumb Pedro Angel Luque Laguna

    review rating 5  Der 4-Tage Intensivkurs war einfach super. Ich will in England studieren und brauchte eine hohe Punktezahl beim IELTS. Ich habe mir die Savicom English School ausgesucht weil sie sich auf den IELTS- Test spezialisiert hat und die Lehrer sehr kompetent und sehr gut ausgebildet sind. Man merkte gleich, dass Sie genau wussten was beim IELTS gefragt wird und verlangt wird und am Ende der 4 Tage fühlte man sich entspannter und hervorragend auf den Test vorbereitet. Jeder cent hat sich gelohnt. Der Test war dann keine Überraschung mehr und ich habe mit 7.5 sehr zufriedenstellend abgeschnitten. Jeder der den IELTS-TEST machen möchte, sollte diesen Kurs besuchen. Danke Rebecca!!! Jennifer Gonzalez

    thumb Jennifer Gonzalez
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