Take a complete Mock or Trial IELTS and find out your score

Find out today if you are ready to take the IELTS and get the score you need. Take our test now which simulates the real test,  making it realistic, giving you a better idea of what score you will get and what you need to practise. Receive a FULL evaluation report including scores, corrections, tips for improvement and much more

In this video I explain how important the Pass IELTS Online Mock or Trial test works and what you need to do

I offer mock tests to my students, either so they can assess their level and see if they are ready or not, or just as important to see what score they would get and or if they need to prepare. Some students booked a mock test at the end of the course so they could get a feel for the test day and make sure they really are ready. Save money and do the IELTS mock test before the real test.

Why take a Mock IELTS?

My students find doing a mock test very useful and effective,  it gives them more confidence and they get clarity about what to improve before registering for the real test as well as giving them a score so they knew how good they are. It will help you save money on test fees as you will know if you are ready or not.

If you find out you aren't ready for the test, you can join our IELTS preparation course.

Take away the suprise

Once you've done a mock test, you will know what to expect in the real test. Our mock test simulates the real test as closely as possible as you do it on paper not online.

Practice makes perfect

It's a well-known expression but it is nonetheless true, the more you practice the better you will get.

Will you get the score you need?

If you do a mock test you will have a good idea if you are in the right place to get the score you need or if you need to prepare before sitting the IELTS

Discover you weaknesses

Maybe you didn't get the 7 in the listening that you needed, find out which areas you need to improve before doing the real test. At Pass IELTS online we will help you prepare to get the score you need.

How does the IELTS work and what feedback to you get?

As the real test is still on paper we use the same conditions for our trial test, and you will need to find around four hours to do the test in order to get realistic results. The test is in the same order as the real one and the parts are explained below. On the reverse side you can find an explanation of the feedback we give you


The listening section is the first part of the test day, everyone sits in one room and you listen on a CD, write the answers in  an answer booklet and transfer them in pencil after to an answer sheet. Don't forget to listen carefully and keep up, you only get to listen once 

Get a score

In the listening section your score is calculated depending on how many questions you answer correctly, and after this test you will get a score and I will tell you which questions you got wrong


The Reading is the second section in the test and is different for General and Academic Modules. It lasts 60 minutes, you have to read texts and answer different types of questions.

Get a score

Here you get a score for your reading test, depending on how many answers out of 40 you get right. I will give you corrections for wrong answers. 


The writing is the third and last part of the main test, again it's different for the academic and general Modules and in both you have to write 2 different tasks which are marked by examiners. It's written in handwriting. In my experience it's the part of the test most students don't get the score they need.

Get personlised and effective feedback

The writing is marked by trained and qualified examiners who are trained to the same standard worldwide. in this mock test we will give you detailed feedback using the IELTS assessment criteria and the score you need, so it is bespoke to your needs. 


The speaking is normally taken after the main test and it's you and an examiner. The test is recorded and in three parts, and you will have a chance to show different speaking skills during the 11 to 14 minute long interview. 

Speak fluently

For the speaking you record your answer, either just audio or if you feel brave with video to make it more realistic. You will get a full feedback on your answer with annotations, corrections and suggestions on how to improve. 

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