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Preparation is essential in getting the score you need. Training with us will ensure:
you know what to expect – there'll be no surprises as with us you'll learn all about the test format, how long it takes, what to do and what the examiner is looking for.
you'll perform much better – if you know what you're doing your results will be better.
you'll feel more confident – which is essential for good results

ultimately you will get a better score and save money on test fees.

We offer specific preparation and intensive practice using authentic materials. Whether you are looking to enter university, applying for a job or permanent residency,Pass IELTS online will assist you in achieving your goal.


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What our student are saying


My wife and I decided to relocate to Australia permanently in 2013. The IELTS was a mandatory part of the visa process, and because we needed high scores (7.5 of 9) for our application, we booked the preparation course with Rebecca. Her course outline was very specific, and she tailored exercises and feedback in such a way that we achieved our desired scores with ease. Although we were both already fluent in English, I’m convinced that, without her prep course, we wouldn’t have passed the test; the combination of volume, test format, and time pressure is too overwhelming when you walk in unprepared. Thanks to the techniques and strategies that Rebecca taught us, we knew exactly how to tackle all four test elements (listening, writing, reading, speaking) confidently and with success. This prep course was a crucial stepping stone for our migration to Australia, and I would invest the time and the money again without hesitation!


Rebecca’s teaching style can be summed up in three words: efficient, individual, and structured. With the help of her IELTS preparation course, I was equipped with the right methods and mindset to complete the test modules in time and successfully – I even exceeded my desired score (7.5 of 9) in all categories! With all the IELTS self-study guides out there, I’m glad I chose to prepare with Rebecca in person – I would invest the time and money again in a heartbeat! Her dedication to her students’ success is remarkable, and no book in the world will give you the same confidence and depth of knowledge that she teaches in such a short time. After passing the IELTS test, I migrated to Australia where my high test scores opened the doors to permanent employment in well-paying positions.